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WHAT WE DO . . .

We offer the following services:
Basic and Detailed Design Engineering

Equipped with experienced engineers and exclusive consultants characterized by excellent engineering design and efficient process systems in accordance to the compliance with government (DENR) standards.

Rehabilitation, Improvement and Upgrade

Improved with technologies and strategies for the compliance with the government (DENR) standards.

Supply of Labor, Equipment and Materials for Turnkey Projects

Equipped with experienced workforce in handling project quality and management, and partnered with reliable suppliers around Asia and Europe in supplying cost-effective and economical solutions for the treatment plants. 

Operation and (Preventive) Maintenance

Equipped with experienced facility operators for the continuous and smooth operations of the treatment facilities and in accordance to the compliance with the government (DENR) standards.

Start-up, Testing and Commissioning

Equipped with technical know-how strategies and procedures for successful operations of the treatment plants.

Consultancy and After-Sales

We have highly-experienced consultants to help you and assist you for a better knowledge about wastewater and sewage treatments including technical audit/assessments, troubleshooting and other assistance you may need. Contact us for more details.

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