Equipment and System Supply

Diffused Air Flotation (DAF) System​

Sludge Dewatering Equipment (Belt Filterpress)​

Aeration System (Aeration Blowers, Diffusers)​

Pumps (Submersible, Centrifugal, Booster And Dosing)​

Gas Train For Dual Fire Conversion​

Control System (Audio And Visual Alarms, Controls Set-Up)​

Biogas Recuperation​

Biogas Flare​

Biogas Dryer​

Anaerobic Wastewater With Biogas Generation And Reuse System​

ASTP/WWTP Equipment Spare Parts (Blower And Pumps)​

Retrofitting and Improvement Works

Repair/Replacement of existing equipment

Upgrade/Replacement of piping system and other mechanical equipment appurtenances (valves, supports, connectors, etc.)

Upgrade/Replacement of electrical systems, instrumentation, controls, and other electrical equipment appurtenances (wires, conduits, etc.)

For Requests

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