ENVIROTERM is an ENVIROnmental Technology, Engineering, Research and Management company that has extensive technical experience in waste water treatment (WWT) technologies and applications. It specializes in providing logical solutions for the following industries and sectors:

  • Food and Beverage.

 - Brewery, Distillery, Sofrdrinks, Juices

 - Starch, Snack foods, Confectionaries, etc

  • Electronics and Semiconductor.
  • Chemical and Paper industries.
  • Agricultural.
  • Domestic Water Treatment for:

- Shopping Malls

- Hotels

- Condominiums

- Commercial Buildings

ENVIROTERM is staffed with experienced professionals from the Enviromental engineering and Semiconductors/Electronics industries. The key officers have extensive experience in providing environmental solutions to various industries in the Philippines and in foreign countries. (Resumes and project work histories of the EVP & Managing Director and Technical Manager are enclosed for reference.)

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